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About the role

The Marketing Intern role is a three months internship (student / unpaid internship) with the opportunity to join Newcon full-time afterward.

Being part of an early-stage startup, you can expect to be working on many different things. Still, your focus will be to help build and improve a beautiful product for our community. Day-to-day you’ll be working closely with the marketing team on the strategy and creating lively and creative copies for social media and various other marketing efforts.


Here are a few specific things you’ll encounter on the regular:

You will plan and create content for many types of projects (product launches, social media, ads)
You will be in the lead of the creative process at any stage, ranging from brainstorming to production, and lead your own projects.
You design „engaging content“ for our social media channels and come up with creative formats and copies
You identify digital trends, new formats, and channels to increase our product and brand awareness
You lead your own projects from conception to “go-live”
Support content creation, copywriting efforts, and marketing campaigns
You develop a deep understanding of the marketing strategy

About you

You’re comfortable with — not just tolerant of — change and uncertainty.
You operate with transparency. You need to be able to explain your thought process and how you’re weighing each decision.
Excellent communicator of design work and your rationale behind proposals
Tech- and social media savvy
Entrepreneurial spirit and proactive „can-do“ attitude
You are fluent in English
Work experience in a startup, agency or comparable fast-paced working environment is a plus


Flexible hours — we don’t set hard boundaries, as long as you’re able to collaborate with the team effectively
Growth opportunities — we are a growing startup, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow with us
Exposure to early-stage startup life — we are early, and things are moving fast every day. You’ll be able to directly influence how our product and our company evolve.
Remote work or working from our Berlin co-working space.
How to apply

If you feel like you don’t meet all requirements for this job posting, don’t be afraid to apply anyway. We know impostor syndrome can get in the way, but should not stop us from hiring the best.

Easy, just forward your LinkedIn, CV, or even better share your portfolio with us. No motivation letter is necessary. However, if you want to stand out choose a task below:

What can we improve about our website, the product, or even our job offering?
Create a short blog post about the creator economy.
Create a LinkedIn or Instagram post on why you are joining Newcon
Another good way to stand out is if you have a side project or something similar. We are happy to hear from you!

About the process

Here’s what to expect:
1. You apply
2. Initial interview with Cephas our CEO & Founder (30 min.)
3. A very small take-home assignment to get a feeling of your thought process (approx. 1hr)
4. 2nd. interview with Call with Cephas to discuss and explore your thought process.
5. We will get back to you with an answer very quickly! ✌️
6. If you like us and we like you, we will come together ‍ ️ ‍ ️ and build something great!

What we would love to see

We like to see your personality shine through in the application. We want to work with great humans!
We like to hear about things you’ve done more than the companies you worked for. It’s great if you can highlight the things you’ve done that you’re proud of.
Show vs. tell. If you can show evidence of your skills, that helps a lot!
Being incredibly passionate about your craft and learning
Be passionate about giving access to great advice to everyone

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